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Needs Assessments and Planning

Needs Assessments and Planning

Miracle Playsystems recognizes that each customer and each project is unique and provides services to accommodates special requests of our customers. Our planning services include site analysis, regulatory issue and long range needs assessments.

Our FREE Playground Needs Assessments provide you with a valuable tool to help you establish an understand of your long term playground planning needs. We provide a comprehensive review of your current play equipment inventory. Utilizing the most current safety and code requirements we evaluate your equipment to determine your long-term and short-term maintenance needs to meet today’s play equipment standards. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Free Needs Assessment Will:

  • Assess your current inventory and rate each structure based on safety and compliance.
  • Determine long-term facility update timelines.
  • Utilize the CMAS pricing contract to save money and time, precluding the need for public bid requirements.
  • Perform turnkey replacement options inclusive of equipment, demo, surfacing and install services.

Nearly 71% of our clients who use this assessment successfully secure the funds needed to replace outdated and unsafe play structures.

Contact us today for your FREE Assessment and join the countless agencies in your area that are already utilizing this powerful planning tool.

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