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After reviewing the playgrounds at Rancho Laguna Park in Moraga, Parks and Recreation Director Jay Ingram determined that they were no longer be safe for kids to play on.

Mr Ingam had the Municipal Pooling Authority come to inspect the playgrounds which determined that the playgrounds were in fact unsafe and needed upgrades to meet current compliance. The wooden playgrounds, which were installed in the 1980s, were removed by the Town of Moraga shortly after the inspection.

The Town reached out to 5 other play vendors before choosing to work exclusively with Miracle PlaySystems based on design aesthetics, ability to satisfy the requirements for the project, budget and fun. The process began in January of 2012 and the project opened to the community in June of the same year. A committee consisting of neighborhood children, parents, park users and local government officials was assembled and through a long design process, the Town of Moraga raised over $100,000 for the construction of this new and exciting park.

Through this process the Town decided they wanted to also be involved with the actual build of the park. With the support of Miracle Playsystems and our in-house construction agency, we were able to supply a certified help build contractor to lead the local community members through the construction of the entire playground. Through this process, referred to as a ‘Community Build’, the local community members have the ability to put there own time and energy into the build leading to a savings in construction costs and adding to the community ownership of the new play area.

Over the course of 4 days as many as 65 local community members and Kiwanis members donated their time to build the amazing new park that is Rancho Laguna. The community has deemed the new park the “best park and play area in all of LaMoInda” and the Town of Moraga will now have a playground that will safely service the kids and users of the park for many years to come.

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