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How to Get A Custom Themed Playground Design on a Budget

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b1In these budget conscience times, we are all paying attention to the bottom line, trying to maximize value for our dollar. Schools, cities and public agencies need to be especially mindful of budgets when spending, especially on capital projects like playgrounds. And yet, everyone wants a playground that inspires, rather than a “cookie cutter” look just like the next playground down the street. Fortunately, Miracle Playsystems works with designers and manufacturers to make custom looking designs on a budget.

At Miracle Playsystems our designers are knowledgeable about market demands. We use affordable stock components in new and creative ways to deliver unique designs that can meet demands within any budget. MPS is partnered with multiple playground equipment manufacturers so that our clients are not only limited to Miracle products, but also are at liberty to choose products that best suits their needs. 

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Be The Nerd – Invention and Innovation In Play

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Inspired by Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook post last month – “encourage them to “be” the nerd in school so they can be the next successful inventor!” We wanted to share some creative approaches to playground design for the nerds in all of us. 

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There is no better time to do a Needs Assessment!

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School Districts may have an amazing opportunity to finally finish those long planned upgrades, should a new bond initiative get passed in next November’s election. If passed, the ballot measure would provide $9 billion in bonding authority to fund new construction. 

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Be Inspired- Modern Adventure Play

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Disney Pixar UP

Remember when you were a kid and all you needed to have fun was a cardboard box and some markers? Or a tree to climb and a Kingdom to defend? Even though it feels like the times have changed for our kids, especially in the digital world they live in, there still is Adventure in their little lives. I see it when my son picks up a stick and turns it into a sword or a bow and arrow, and out of nowhere fends off an army of zombies or when he pretends to drive a racecar when I am driving him to school. (No I don’t drive that crazy) 

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Be Aware – Designing Play for Special Needs

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Last week a blog in the Huffington Post discussed the stories that we share when it come to autism awareness and our societal lack of awareness. Bonnie Zampino writes “The media shows us all of the feel-good stories, like the child with autism who gets to be the manager of the high school basketball team, or the boy with autism who goes to the prom with the beautiful girl, or the girl with autism who is voted onto the homecoming court. We light it up blue every April and pat ourselves on the back for being so aware. But we aren’t aware. But we can be.”
Trii_02For Autism Awareness Month we compiled resources for those that are designing play for children with autism and other special needs and now with the start of the school year upon us and six months has past since April we wanted to bring this subject up again so that we are remembering to address special needs throughout the year.

We are committed to educating our designers, customers and landscape architects on how to design fully inclusive play environments for schools and communities. Miracle Recreation has produced a brochure that addresses how to design a play environment that stimulates each of the 7 different senses. It is a nice introduction to designing inclusive playgrounds, but much of it focuses on designing for children with Autism. 

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Be Informed – Long-Term Playground Planning

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Just like roofs on a building and brakes on a car, playgrounds need on-going maintenance to keep them safe and compliant.  When we visit a playground to assess it for safety and compliance, the kids playing are the first to point out every location on the structure that is unsafe.  We often hear, “Hey Mr. this bolt is loose and this slide is broken, when are you going to fix this old boring playground”.  Of course we chuckle but the amazing thing is that kids are great sharers of information and they tend to self-monitor and police “their playground”. 

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Party for the Parks 2015

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Miracle Playsystems is a proud sponsor of San Francisco Parks Alliance – Party for the Parks 2015!

Join us at the event, at the Palace of Fine Arts on Saturday, September 19, 2015. Click here to purchase Tickets. 

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Designing Outside the Playbox

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The most common question we are asked as playground professionals is “What’s new in playgrounds?”. The current trend we are seeing in playscape design in Northern California and across the country is all about outside the box thinking. Whether it is developing custom designs or taking play outside of the play box and onto the streets. There is a trend happening to integrate play anywhere. Image Courtesy of Atlas Lab PeakExperience_003-A

We are finding playscapes popping up on streetscapes, in museums, in office buildings, and in shopping centers. The new look of playgrounds is changing and the designs are being created in ways that work towards building happier, healthier and more connected communities. 

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Architizer – 7 Children’s Museums That Inspire Play

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Here is some fun design inspiration to share with you from Architizer. 7 Children’s Museums That Inspire Play and Learning.

ChildrensMuseums_02 ChildrensMuseums_03“How might architects create spaces that encourage play, learning, and a feeling of childlike wonder? The architects behind these child-friendly museums take design cues from educational institutions, playgrounds, and conventional art museums. ” It is fun for us to see the world of architecture embracing playful design. We are excited to see if this can be translated into the designs of schools and other facilities for not only children but for adults as well. ChildrensMuseums_04 

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Swarovski Play Tower – Snøhetta

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NetTower_Swarovski_001Check out the Berliner net play installation featured in dezeen magazine.


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